• Site Selection

    S3M’s vast experience of handling Projects across diverse Geographies enables it to Guide Clients at Site selection stage itself – to evaluate the technical suitability of a particular Site with respect to Approach from the Main Road, Storm drainage & Flooding probabilities, Earth filling / levelling requirements, Load Bearing capacity, availability of Water & Power, etc. – which will not only affect the Cost of Project but will also help in the long term Risk mitigation.

  • Architectural Designs

    Functional requirements, Sustainability, Addressing the environmental conditions & Aesthetics – are the four pillars on which stand S3M’s Architectural Designs of the Projects. Policy is to avoid creating “Monuments” and instead build facilities which acknowledge the Man & Material movement requirements, respond positively to the surroundings & facilitate the User.

  • HVAC Designs

    Temperature Control, Humidity Control, Dust Control, Air changes, etc. - all leading to controlled environment for Production facilities and Human comfort. Environmental requirements of Production processes, Human Comfort and Hygiene norms -are achieved through “Green” & Energy saving solutions and innovative ideas. S3M’s strength lies in integrating all such requirements in the Design right from the Planning stage.

  • Sourcing Assistance

    S3M Partners’ cumulative experience of more than 100 years have resulted in wide network of Vendors and Agencies all across India & Africa. This network together with database of Projects & S3M’s culture of going in to detail at each stage of the Project – helps Clients with accurate Cost Estimates and appropriate execution agencies. Regular Review of actual v/s estimated cost during Design & Construction Phases helps S3M in controlling the Costs & providing timely information to Client.

  • Structural Designs

    with acknowledged Leadership in Structural Design, S3M has mentored generation of Structural designers and has the reputation of being looked at as Solution providers for the most difficult structures / challenging matters of Design. Be it design of Specialized structures, or use of latest softwares or providing expert opinion – S3M is always in the forefront of state-of-the-art Structural Design services.

  • Electrical Designs

    Be it the Design of large Switchyards, HT & LT Power Distribution, Lighting Solutions and Extra low Voltage Requirements – all are handled with the philosophy of Global Outlook and Local Detailing. State-of-the-art IBMS provisions, Power System analysis and Energy Conservation – are some of the fields where knowledge based Electrical Design Services are provided.

  • Master Plan

    Going in to the fine print of local statutory norms, S3M enables Clients to use the full potential of the Plot – with optimum Ground coverage and possible vertical developments. Master Plan is proposed considering Phased Development, Zoning of various facilities, Logistic Efficiency, O & M requirements, Safety of Operations, etc. – to allow independent operation of each Phase and minimum disturbance to existing facilities during development of next Phases.

  • Construction Management Services

    This Service provides Value Addition in execution part of the Project – to see that the Designs from the Drawings are converted in to reality within agreed time schedule, Budgeted cost & as per the desired/ specified quality. In depth Reporting at regular Intervals, day-to-day site supervision, Bill Checking & Certification, Schedule monitoring, Contract management & closure, etc. – are some of the activities which S3M takes up as an extended arm of the Client.

  • Interior Designs

    S3M does not take up stand alone Interior Design Projects. Idea is to provide this service where all other Design Services are also being provided by S3M. In such cases, the Interior Design becomes a tool to express Client’s Corporate culture in the day-to-day Work environment. Creative zoning of various facilities, Innovative use of different types of materials, S3M’s strength of co-ordinating all the Utilities in the Planning of interiors, etc. are some key features.

  • Public health Engineering

    Ability to look at the overall/ holistic development of Infrastructure for large areas and resolving the same till it serves the last user. Be it the Storm water & Water supply networks for thousands of acers in Ports or be it the Internal Plumbing & Drainage of Toilet blocks for an Industrial Project – use of appropriate technology and detailing helps in achieving satisfactory results in this very sensitive subject.

  • Mechanical Utility Systems

    Diverse nature of S3M’s project portfolio means diverse requirements of Mechanical utilities like Compressed Air, Chilled water system, Hot water System, Steam Generation & Supply Piping, Fire Protection System, etc. Endeavour is always to provide creative solutions with latest technology and Cost effectiveness.

  • Landscape Designs

    Landscape design at S3M revolve around the basic philosophy of achieving Aesthetics & Dust Control through Sustainable, Green development. Use of local species, water conservation, Minimum intervention to nature, re-charge of natural aquifers – all these are the principles along which the Landscape of a project is designed.