Sustainability Aspect in Design Services:

S3M considers Energy Efficiency and Sustainability as key aspects in Planning and Design of any project - right from the conceptual stage.

Construction industry plays a prime role in the growth of infrastructure across the globe and is one of the rapidly growing sector in itself. It is therefore imperative that such development happens in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Incorporating the Sustainability aspects in design enhances the energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, effectively handle waste, achieve water efficiency and reduce the fossil fuel consumption during commute while also enhancing the occupants’ health, happiness and well-being.


The sustainable design of facility provides tangible as well as intangible benefits – the tangible benefits being reduction in water and energy consumption from the execution to occupancy stage; while the intangible benefits include the enhanced indoor air quality, good daylighting, health, well-being and safety of the Users in particular & Society in general.

Various aspects involved in Designing a sustainable facility are further elaborated here –